About Plico Design Studio

Plico Design Studio is a multi-disciplinary Architecture and design practice in Albert Park, Melbourne.

We work on commercial, hospitality, residential and retail projects, primarily in Victoria and Tasmania. We also work on furniture and product design concepts.

We have a strong focus on design integrity, economy of value within our projects, research into the specific aesthetic and pragmatic solution for our clients. We take pride in the clarity and simplicity of our presentation documents which enables strong client involvement and a high quality built outcome.


The name Plico is Latin for 'to fold.' This significance of this word is a fold becomes the most basic of all three dimensional forms, elevating a flat two dimensional plane into an object. This carries through our work, with substantial design interogation required to distill the primary elements of a concept into a built work.


Our experience in space-planning for office tenancies allows us to prepare layouts to improve efficiency, provide a quality working environment for staff and minimize facilities maintenance by specifying key fixtures and finishes. We understand the fundamental requirements to upgrade facilities to meet AS1428.1 compliance and we present options to minimize upgrades where possible.


Through working with key Heritage Architects in Queensland and Victoria we have developed a sensitive approach to working with period buildings. The importance of distinguishing between the original and new styles and building methodologies is fundamental to our approach.
Through our research capacity we identify the threads of history for a particular site, building or use which informs our approach throughout the development of a concept to increase the depth in historical value and meet a pragmatic brief.
Dealing with Heritage bodies such as Heritage Victoria and local council Heritage Officers is an important service we offer to manage the approvals process on behalf of our clients.


We have extensive experience designing alterations and extensions to public buildings, regularly in context with Heritage building use. Often project budgets are limited and creative thought is required to maximize the effectiveness of a proposal to keep within limits. Our proposals seek to improve the user / visitor’s experience through integrating a theme for the specific function of the place.


We have designed a significant number of new houses, private house alterations and extensions, and internal alterations in Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania. The majority of these projects require a Town Planning Permit which we manage the process through council to reach Development Approvals for our projects.
We design to a range of budgets to enable client objectives to be met, whilst looking beyond a brief to explore the possibilities of what an idea can become and turn constraints into opportunities to enhance all our projects.

Retail / Hospitality

We have completed a number of Retail and Hospitality projects for commercial and government organisations. These include restaurant fitouts, alterations to counter line, amenities upgrades and façade treatments. We understand the importance of expediting a project’s design and documentation due to the time pressure to occupy a premises and to minimise closure during construction.