Artifact Residence


The client wished to respect his 1940's period house by extending to the rear and side of the property to allow the original house to be maintained. A garage will be replaced to the side with a contemporary addition which will provide separation and distinction from the adjoining house. The rear addition takes reference to the original house throught the use of spatial proportion with high ceilings, and quality masonry, metal and glazing materials however the forms are entirely contemporary which allows a strong juxtaposition with the original house. The additional space has been inserted over four levels to minimise an over development of the land area and a large garden terrace is provided to the rear. The client's large collection of architectural hardware sourced from demolished ecclesiastical buildings in Europe, will be incorporated as museum like artifacts to site in the forefront of the new building. 
This project addresses sustainability through the use of quality, locally sourced materials which have a long lifespan. Sun shading has been integrated through the design of overhanging elements and window projections. A central atriuym space will provide natural lighting and ventilation to the three levels above ground. Extensive landscaping and green roofing will be incorporated to minimise heat loss / gain and to temper the internal environmental conditions. Solar panels will be situated on the roof to minimise energy consumption. 
Currently being assessed with Town Planning