Mayona Road

Our clients approached us with the brief to extend and improve on the already well built 1940's brick house. As there is some fall on the site this was used to our advantage by using the lowest part of the site to position a new garage with studio above and a bridge to link this new structure with the main house. The original house is proposed to be retained in its original footprint, albeit with extensive refurbishment and the addition of a second floor Master Bedroom suite above at the rear.
The design intent is to link the different forms through the use of similar materials as a central pallette. At the rear of the site an existing bungalow structure will be replaced with a similar form, again echoing the materiality of the main house to continue the proposed design aesthetic.
Through selection of locally sourced, hard wearing products and finishes with low embodied energy attributes. Rainwater harvesting for use in the toilet cistern and for landscaping and potentially photovoltaic cells for power supply.
The project is currently being assessed for Town Planning