Park Drive Residence

The brief from our clients was to improve and increase the existing period house in Parkville. The previous addition from the 1980's was proposed to be demolished and the front of the original house to be retained and refurbished, with a new ground & first floor extension to the rear of the property to maximise the views towards the adjacent parkland. 
The design aesthetic is intentionally simplistic to maximise the appreciation of readily available, textural materials such as plywood and concrete blockwork. The contrasting dark metal 'container' at the first floor level hovers above the ground floor and provides neat containment of the children's spaces away from the parents retreat space at the front of the house.
Due to the tight site constraints with adjoining single fronted residence at the west and an apartment block to the east, maximising the available space was paramount. The site falls from front to rear, so a series of levels has been established throughout the house to provide a range of spatial experiences as the occupants move through the house. This change in level has also allowed a sequence in heights when moving through the house, with the high entry hall, lower circulation zone and terraced living room heights which creates interest. 
The rear courtyard provides a flexible arrangement that can be used to park a vehicle, utilised as a entertaining terrace and kids play space. The front of the house is to be refurbished with respect to its original period.
Through selection of locally sourced, hard wearing products and finishes with low embodied energy attributes. Also low energy consuming fittings will be incorporated and carefully placed natural light sources to minimise heat gain but maximise day lighting. With high levels of insulation specified the house has reached a 7star rating.
The clients have commenced occupation of the residence, internal fitout is to be completed shortly.