Staniland Grove Studio

The brief from our clients was to provide a self contained studio for a variety of uses over time, including; guesthouse, teenage bedroom, bandroom, artist studio and consolidation of storage. There is a wide easement at the rear of the property and a significant tree which the clients wish to retain, both of which required careful examination of the proposed position on site to avoid impacting on the openess of the garden, particularly when viewed from the house.
The resulting proposal provides for a flexible use of the space and provides an ensuite for use as a bedroom. The studio connects  visually to the garden setting with the use of spotted gum cladding and decking, also integrating the landscape into its form with the existing tree emerging from the deck and planting above the concrete water tank.
Through selection of locally sourced, hard wearing products and finishes with low embodied energy attributes. Rainwater harvesting for use in the toilet cistern and for landscaping and potentially photovoltaic cells for power supply.
The project is commencing construction shortly