The Corso Residence

Our clients wanted to extend an existing Californian Bungalow residence close to the centre of Parkdale. In addition the original portion of the house is in need of refurbishment to improve the aesthetic appeal of the original house . As there is considerable fall on the site, an approach of extending the ground floor and accommodating children's bedrooms, rumpus room and amenities underneath has been a logical step. Protecting the house views from a dull multi residential development next door has introduced the long and high wing wall to contain the living spaces and focus attention to the more appealing rear yard and distant properties. A raised carport with 'bridge' access will provide an exciting feature in the approach.
Through selection of locally sourced, hard wearing products and finishes with low embodied energy attributes. Rainwater harvesting for use in the toilet cistern and for landscaping and potentially photovoltaic cells for power supply.
The project is currently developing Documentation for Construction